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1960's Vintage TRIFARI Broochcrown trifari pin, Your Choice of ONEcrown trifari pin, BRUSHED Goldtone Designcrown trifari pin, 60s Trifari and Monet Designer Jewelry



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This brushed goldlot brushed goldfeatures brushed goldyour brushed goldchoice brushed goldof brushed goldone brushed goldbrooch brushed goldfor brushed gold$17-$20 brushed goldor brushed goldall brushed gold5 brushed goldfor brushed gold$70! brushed goldThat\u2019s brushed golda brushed golddiscount brushed goldof brushed gold$15. brushed goldThere brushed goldare brushed goldfive brushed goldshown, brushed gold3 brushed goldare brushed goldTrifari, brushed gold1 brushed goldis brushed goldMonet brushed goldand brushed goldone brushed goldunsigned, brushed goldthey brushed goldare brushed goldsigned brushed goldon brushed goldthe brushed goldback brushed goldto brushed goldindicate brushed golddesigner. brushed goldThe brushed goldlargest brushed goldbrooch brushed goldis brushed goldthe brushed goldone brushed goldwith brushed goldthe brushed goldpearl brushed goldin brushed goldthe brushed goldcenter brushed goldand brushed goldit brushed goldmeasures brushed gold2 brushed gold1/4 brushed goldinches brushed goldin brushed golddiameter.All brushed goldclasps brushed goldare brushed goldtight brushed goldand brushed goldsecure brushed goldand brushed goldthe brushed goldcondition brushed goldis brushed goldgood brushed goldexcept brushed goldthere brushed goldis brushed goldwear brushed goldon brushed goldthe brushed goldpearl.

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