Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Artistically Art Nouveau Style Sterling SILVER Necklacesterling necklace, Solid STERLING CHOKER Necklace



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This heavy sterlingvintage heavy sterlingstyled heavy sterlingpendant heavy sterlinghas heavy sterlingterrific heavy sterlingArt heavy sterlingNouveau heavy sterlinglines. heavy sterlingIt heavy sterlingis heavy sterlingsolid heavy sterlingsterling heavy sterlingsilver heavy sterlingweighing heavy sterling44 heavy sterlinggrams heavy sterlingin heavy sterlingtotal. heavy sterlingThe heavy sterlingmark heavy sterlingis heavy sterlingmarked heavy sterling\u201cMWS heavy sterling925 heavy sterlingMexico.\u201d heavy sterlingThe heavy sterlingpendant heavy sterlingmeasures heavy sterling2 heavy sterling1/4 heavy sterlinglong, heavy sterlingand heavy sterlingthe heavy sterlingcircle heavy sterlingis heavy sterling1 heavy sterling5/8 heavy sterlinginches heavy sterlingin heavy sterlingdiameter. heavy sterlingThe heavy sterlingentire heavy sterlingnecklace heavy sterlingis heavy sterlingsterling heavy sterlingsilver heavy sterlingand heavy sterlingit heavy sterlingis heavy sterlingon heavy sterlinga heavy sterling16 heavy sterling1/2" heavy sterlingsterling heavy sterlingchain. heavy sterlingJust heavy sterlinggorgeous!

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