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star gift, Moon and Star Earrings - Celestial - Stained Glass - Blue



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Moon blue earringsand blue earringsstar blue earringsearring blue earringsin blue earringsa blue earringspretty blue earringsblue blue earringscolor blue earringssmooth blue earringsstained blue earringsglass. blue earrings blue earringsGold blue earringsplated blue earringsmoon blue earringsand blue earringsstar. blue earringsSapphire blue earringsSwarovski blue earringscrystal blue earringsaccents. blue earrings blue earringsThese blue earringshave blue earringsgold blue earringsfilled blue earringsearwires blue earringsand blue earringsmeasure blue earrings1 blue earrings1/2 blue earringsinches blue earringslong.Gift blue earringsbox blue earringsincluded.

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