Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

coastal, Mother of Pearl and Crystal Bracelet - MOP Bracelet - Shell Bracelet - White Bracelet - Sterling Silver - Small Size - Chunky Bracelet



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Beautiful coastalfaceted coastalmother coastalof coastalpearl coastalshell coastalrectangular coastalbeads coastalwith coastalCrystal coastalAB coastalSwarovski coastalcubes. coastal coastalAll coastalmetal coastalis coastalSterling coastalsilver. coastal coastalMeasures coastal6 coastal7/8 coastalinches coastallong. coastal coastalWill coastalresize coastaltime coastalto coastal7.5 coastalinches coastallong coastalat coastalno coastaladditional coastalcharge. coastal coastalGreat coastaladdition coastalto coastalyour coastalsummer coastalwardrobe. coastalA coastalwhite coastalbracelet coastalis coastalalways coastala coastalstaple!Gift coastalbox coastalis coastalincluded.

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