Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

faux pearls, 5.25 FT long vintage cobra chain necklace with faux pearls and hematite beads . 63" long



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Almost boho bohemianas boho bohemianlong boho bohemianas boho bohemianI boho bohemianam boho bohemiantall, boho bohemianthis boho bohemianvintage boho bohemiannecklace boho bohemianmeasures boho bohemian5.25 boho bohemianFEET boho bohemianlong boho bohemian(63 boho bohemianinches). boho bohemianExcellent boho bohemiancondition, boho bohemianno boho bohemianflaws. boho bohemianCirca boho bohemian70s/80s. boho bohemianThe boho bohemiannecklace boho bohemianis boho bohemiana boho bohemianshiny boho bohemiangold boho bohemiantone boho bohemiancobra boho bohemianchain boho bohemianwith boho bohemianfake boho bohemianpearl boho bohemianbeads boho bohemianand boho bohemianhematite boho bohemianchunk boho bohemianbeads. boho bohemianModern boho bohemianflapper!Ships boho bohemianin boho bohemiana boho bohemiangift boho bohemianbox.I boho bohemiancombine boho bohemianshipping boho bohemianon boho bohemianmultiple boho

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