Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage ice blue rhinestone clip on earringsclip on earrings, bright silver leaf with pearl center



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Vintage mid centuryclip mid centuryon mid centuryearrings mid centuryfeaturing mid centurya mid centurytriangle mid centuryof mid centuryleaves mid centurywith mid centuryice mid centuryblue mid centuryrhinestones mid centuryand mid centurya mid centurypearl mid centurycenter. mid centuryExcellent mid centurycondition, mid centuryno mid centuryflaws. mid centuryBright mid centuryand mid centuryshiny. mid centuryThey mid centurymeasure mid century1" mid centurywide.Ships mid centuryin mid centurya mid centurygift mid

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