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cameo, Vintage Inspired Blue Rose Cameo Brooch



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It's cameotime cameoto cameobring cameoback cameothe cameobrooch!This cameovintage cameoinspired cameobrooch cameofeatures cameoa cameoblue cameorose cameocameo cameowith cameoa cameowhite cameobackground cameomounted cameoin cameoan cameoantique cameobronze cameobrooch cameosetting cameowith cameoa cameopin cameoback. cameoBrooch cameomeasures cameo25x18mm.**Note: cameoPlease cameobe cameoaware cameothat cameothere cameomay cameobe cameoa cameoslight cameovariation cameoin cameoshade cameo& cameocolor cameodue cameoto cameothe cameomonitor cameoyou cameoare cameoview cameothe cameopicture cameoon.

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