Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

incogneeto, Amazing 1970's Dog Pendant Necklace / Tassels and Rhinestones



In stock



This costume jewelryfun costume jewelryto costume jewelrywear costume jewelrydog costume jewelrynecklace costume jewelryis costume jewelrymade costume jewelrywith costume jewelrygoldtone costume jewelrytassels costume jewelryand costume jewelryamber costume jewelrycolored costume jewelryrhinestones. costume jewelryIt costume jewelrymoves costume jewelrywhen costume jewelryyou costume jewelrymove!The costume jewelrychain costume jewelryis costume jewelry28" costume jewelrylong. costume jewelryThe costume jewelrydog costume jewelryhead costume jewelryis costume jewelryapproximately costume jewelry2.5\u201d costume jewelryx costume jewelry2.5\u201d. costume jewelryThis costume jewelryawesome costume jewelrylooking costume jewelryshow costume jewelrypiece costume jewelryis costume jewelryin costume jewelrygreat costume jewelrycondition, costume jewelryno costume jewelrydamage costume jewelryor costume jewelryflaws costume jewelryfound. costume jewelryGreat costume jewelryseventies costume jewelrydesign!

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