Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mid century, chunky vintage Hawaiian nut and seed charm bracelet



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Vintage nature jewelryHawaiian nature jewelrycharm nature jewelrybracelet nature jewelryfeaturing nature jewelryvarious nature jewelrydried nature jewelrynuts nature jewelryand nature jewelryseeds. nature jewelrySuper nature jewelrycool nature jewelrypiece. nature jewelryExcellent nature jewelrycondition, nature jewelryno nature jewelryflaws. nature jewelryCharms nature jewelrymeasure nature jewelryup nature jewelryto nature jewelry1.5". nature jewelryThe nature jewelrybracelet nature jewelryis nature jewelry7.25" nature jewelrylong. nature jewelryShown nature jewelryon nature jewelrya nature jewelry6" nature jewelrywrist. nature jewelryMeant nature jewelryto nature jewelryfit nature jewelryloose!Ships nature jewelryin nature jewelrya nature jewelrygift nature jewelrybox.I nature jewelrycombine nature jewelryshipping nature jewelryon nature jewelrymultiple nature

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