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earrings, Moon Faux Leather Earrings



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A blackmagical blackpair blackof blackcrescent blackmoon blackshaped blackearrings!Earrings blackmeasure black2" blacklong. black blackCrescent blackmoons blackare blackmade blackfrom blackblack blackand blacksilver blackpolka blackdot blackfaux blackleather blackand blackare blackattached blackto blacka blacksparkly blackdruzy blacksilver blackflat blackback blackbead blackon blacknickel-free blackearring blackhooks blackwith blackplastic blackearring blackbacks.**Note: blackPlease blackbe blackaware blackthat blackthere blackmay blackbe blacka blackslight blackvariation blackin blackshade black& blackcolor blackdue blackto blackthe blackmonitor blackyou blackare blackview blackthe blackpicture blackon.

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