Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage owl pin brooch with turquoise chip details and stone bodyowl pendant, has a hanging loop to put on a necklace chain too!



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Gold stone bodytone stone bodymetal stone bodyowl stone bodybrooch stone bodywith stone bodytiny stone bodyturquoise stone bodychip stone bodydetails stone bodyand stone bodya stone bodytumbled stone bodystone stone bodybody. stone bodyExcellent stone bodycondition, stone bodyno stone bodyflaws. stone bodyHas stone bodya stone bodyloop stone bodyon stone bodythe stone bodyback stone bodyin stone bodycase stone bodyyou stone bodywould stone bodyrather stone bodywear stone bodyit stone bodyas stone bodya stone bodynecklace. stone bodyMeasures stone body1.75" stone bodytall.Ships stone bodyin stone bodya stone bodygift stone

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