Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1930s glass rhinestone brooch on filigree brass with leaves . evil eye inspired designczech glass brooch, heavyczech glass brooch, possibly Czechczech glass brooch, Edwardian revival



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Absolutely rhinestone broochgorgeous rhinestone broochbrooch, rhinestone broochcirca rhinestone brooch1930s. rhinestone broochIt rhinestone broochfeatures rhinestone broochblue rhinestone broochand rhinestone broochgreen rhinestone broochfaceted rhinestone broochglass rhinestone broochrhinestones rhinestone brooch(Czech, rhinestone broochI rhinestone broochbelieve) rhinestone broochsurrounded rhinestone broochby rhinestone broochtiny rhinestone broochleaves rhinestone broochon rhinestone broocha rhinestone broochfiligree rhinestone broochbrass rhinestone broochsetting. rhinestone broochThe rhinestone broochshape rhinestone broochreminds rhinestone broochme rhinestone broochof rhinestone broochan rhinestone broochevil rhinestone broocheye rhinestone broochdesign. rhinestone broochExcellent rhinestone broochcondition, rhinestone broochno rhinestone broochflaws. rhinestone broochI rhinestone broochhaven't rhinestone broochcleaned rhinestone broochit- rhinestone broochI rhinestone broochprefer rhinestone broochto rhinestone broochleave rhinestone broochthat rhinestone broochup rhinestone broochto rhinestone broochthe rhinestone broochbuyer. rhinestone broochThe rhinestone broochbrooch rhinestone broochis rhinestone broochthick rhinestone broochand rhinestone broochheavy. rhinestone broochMeasures rhinestone brooch2.5" rhinestone broochwide rhinestone broochx rhinestone brooch1.75" rhinestone broochtall. rhinestone broochBetter rhinestone broochin rhinestone broochperson- rhinestone broochthe rhinestone broochcolors rhinestone broochare rhinestone broochsaturated rhinestone broochlike rhinestone broochcandy!Ships rhinestone broochin rhinestone broocha rhinestone broochgift rhinestone broochbox.I rhinestone broochcombine rhinestone broochshipping rhinestone broochon rhinestone broochmultiple rhinestone rhinestone broochis rhinestone broochfirm.Q1

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