Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

10 pieces flat bracelet blanksimperfect, irregular finishimperfect, bronze finish bracelet blanks for wire wrappingimperfect, embellishing. USA shop in Tennessee



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You blankswill blanksreceive blanks10 blankspieces blanksflat blanksbracelet blanksblanks, blanksirregular blanksfinish. blanks blanksThere blankswill blanksbe blanksan blanksassortment blanksof blanksbronze, blankscopper, blankssilver blanksand blanksgunmetal blanksfinish blanksbracelet blanksblanks blanksfor blankswire blankswrapping, blanksembellishing. blanksI blankshave blanksdiscounted blanksthese blanksbracelet blanksblanks blanksbecause blanksof blankstheir blanks"messy" blanksfinish. blanks blanksThe blanksfinal blankscoating blanksmight blanksbe blanksuneven, blanksor blanksthere blanksmay blanksbe blankssuperficial blanksscratches. blanks blanksBUT blanksthey blanksare blankswonderful blanksfor blankswrapping blankswith blanksfabric, blankswire blanks& blanksbeads, blanksand blanksI'm blankssure blanksyou blankscan blankscome blanksup blankswith blankssome blanksfantastic blanksideas.Size: blanks8mm blankswide, blanks1mm blanksthick.Base blanksmetal: blanks blanksBrassAdjustable blanksto blanksfit blanksmost blankswristsFree blanksof blanksnickel blanksand blanksleadMy blanksshop blanksis blankslocated blanksin blanksChattanooga, blanksTennessee blanksand blanksI blanksappreciate blanksyou blankssupporting blanksmy blankssmall blanksbusiness.

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