Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Male pendant Main horns in Red Corsican coral Mediterranean grade AAAnatural coral, door -happinessnatural coral, lovenatural coral, friendshipnatural coral, baptism



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Hand baptism giftin baptism giftred baptism giftcoral baptism giftcarved baptism giftinto baptism gifta baptism giftbranch baptism giftof baptism giftCorsican baptism giftcoral baptism giftgrade baptism giftAAAThis baptism giftmodel baptism gifthas baptism giftthe baptism giftfingers baptism giftthat baptism giftmake baptism giftthe baptism gifthorns.It baptism giftcarries baptism gift-happiness baptism giftand baptism giftwards baptism giftoff baptism giftevilIn baptism giftCorsica baptism giftwe baptism giftcarry baptism giftthis baptism gifthand baptism giftall baptism giftour baptism giftlivesEven baptism giftif baptism giftthe baptism gifthands baptism giftlook baptism giftthe baptism giftsame baptism giftis baptism giftexactly baptism giftthe baptism giftsame baptism giftbecause baptism giftthey baptism giftare baptism giftall baptism giftcarved baptism giftfrom baptism giftdifferent baptism giftcoral baptism giftbranches2 baptism giftmodels baptism giftby baptism giftsize baptism giftand baptism giftpriceMounted baptism gifton baptism giftsolid baptism giftsilver baptism gift925

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