Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These funkylightweight funkyearrings funkyare funkymade funkyfrom funkyreal funkylaminated funkypostage funkystamps funkyfrom funkyBritain funkyfeaturing funkythe funkyQueen funkyherself. funkyThese funkybeautiful funkystamps funkyfeature funkyone funky4mm funkygray funkycrystal funkyabove funkyand funkyone funky6mm funkyblue funkyrondelle funkycrystal funkydangling funkybelow funkyeach funkystamp. funkyTotal funkylength funkyof funkyearring funkyincluding funkythe funkyearwire funkyis funky2 funky1/2 funkyinches funkylong.Each funkypair funkyof funkyearrings funkyis funkya funkylittle funkypiece funkyof funkyhistory funkyand funkyeach funkystamp funkyis funkyan funkyoriginal funky(I funkydo funkynot funkyreproduce funkyor funkycopy funkythem), funkypaired funkyby funkyhand, funkylaminated, funkyand funkytrimmed funkywith funkylittle funkycrystal funkybeads funkywire funkywrapped funkyto funkythem. funkyThe funkyearwire funkyis funkysurgical funkysteel funky(that funkyway funkyanyone funkycan funkywear funkythem). funkyIf funkyhave funkyany funkyquestions, funkyask!Now, funkygo funkyahead funkyand funkydream funkyof funkysending funkyyourself funkyin funkythe funkymail...

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