Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

country style, rustic vintage snowman Christmas pin brooch



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Vintage winter giftsnowman winter giftpin winter giftwith winter gift3 winter giftdimensional winter giftdetails, winter giftright winter giftdown winter giftto winter gifthis winter giftcrooked winter giftcarrot winter giftnose. winter giftMade winter giftof winter gifthard winter giftplastic winter giftor winter giftresin. winter giftExcellent winter giftcondition, winter giftno winter giftflaws. winter giftMeasures winter gift2.25" winter gifttall winter giftx winter gift winter gifta winter giftlittle winter giftover winter gift1" winter giftwide.Ships winter giftin winter gift winter gifta winter giftgift winter giftbox.I winter giftcombine winter giftshipping winter gifton winter giftmultiple winter

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