Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

etruscan brooch, 1960s vintage signed Accessocraft NYC brooch and earrings set . blue czech glass flower and clip ons



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Signed millefiori glassvintage millefiori glassAccessocraft millefiori glassNYC millefiori glassflower millefiori glassbrooch millefiori glassmade millefiori glassof millefiori glassblue millefiori glassglass millefiori glasswith millefiori glassspeckles millefiori glassof millefiori glassother millefiori glasscolor millefiori glassin millefiori glassit. millefiori glassThe millefiori glassinside millefiori glassof millefiori glassthe millefiori glassflower millefiori glassis millefiori glassa millefiori glassgold millefiori glasstone millefiori glasscross, millefiori glasscrown, millefiori glassetc. millefiori glassComes millefiori glasswith millefiori glassmatching millefiori glassclip millefiori glasson millefiori glassearrings. millefiori glassAll millefiori glasspieces millefiori glassare millefiori glassin millefiori glassexcellent millefiori glasscondition, millefiori glassno millefiori glassflaws. millefiori glassThe millefiori glassbrooch millefiori glassis millefiori glass2" millefiori glasswide, millefiori glassthe millefiori glassearrings millefiori glassare millefiori glass3/4" millefiori glasstall.Ships millefiori glassin millefiori glassa millefiori glassgift millefiori glassbox.I millefiori glasscombine millefiori glassshipping millefiori glasson millefiori glassmultiple millefiori

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