Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage art deco flapper sautoir necklacebeaded necklace, long silver and sky blue glass seed beads



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Beautiful vintage flapperart vintage flapperdeco vintage flapperflapper vintage flapperera vintage flappersautoir vintage flappernecklace vintage flappermade vintage flapperof vintage flappersilver vintage flapperseed vintage flapperbeads vintage flapperand vintage flappersky vintage flapperblue vintage flapperglass vintage flapperbeads vintage flapperthat vintage flapperlook vintage flapperhandmade. vintage flapperExcellent vintage flappercondition, vintage flapperno vintage flapperflaws. vintage flapperHangs vintage flapper15" vintage flapper(30" vintage flapperdoubled) vintage flapperwith vintage flapperan vintage flapperadditional vintage flapper4" vintage flapperdrop.Ships vintage flapperin vintage flappera vintage flappergift vintage flapperbox.I vintage flappercombine vintage flappershipping vintage flapperon vintage flappermultiple vintage

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