Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage rhinestone necklace and earrings set . clear & blue glassprong set, prong setprong set, pierced earrings



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Beautiful smokey bluerhinestone smokey bluenecklace smokey blueand smokey blueearring smokey blueset smokey bluecomprised smokey blueof smokey blueclear smokey blueand smokey bluesmoky smokey blueblue smokey blueglass smokey bluestones, smokey blueall smokey blueprong smokey blueset. smokey blueAll smokey bluestones smokey blueare smokey blueclear smokey blueand smokey bluepresent. smokey blueBoth smokey bluepieces smokey bluesparkle smokey bluebrightly, smokey bluethough smokey blueI smokey bluehave smokey bluenot smokey bluecleaned smokey bluethem. smokey blueThe smokey bluenecklace smokey bluemeasures smokey blue15" smokey bluelong smokey blueand smokey bluecloses smokey bluewith smokey bluea smokey bluefold smokey blueover smokey blueclasp. smokey blueThe smokey blueteardrop smokey blueshaped smokey bluepierced smokey blueearrings smokey blueare smokey blue3/4" smokey bluelong. smokey blueOne smokey blueearring smokey bluehas smokey bluea smokey bluemismatched smokey bluebacking, smokey bluebut smokey bluethere smokey blueare smokey blueno smokey blueflaws smokey blueto smokey bluethis smokey blueset.Ships smokey bluein smokey bluea smokey bluegift smokey bluebox.Vintage smokey bluejewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?

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