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boho, Large Leopard Print Elongated Teardrop Earrings



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Classic large earringsand large earringsboho large earringsall large earringsat large earringsthe large earringssame large earringstime, large earringsthese large earringslarge large earringsleopard large earringsprint large earringsleather large earringsteardrop large earringsearrings large earringswill large earringsadd large earringsa large earringsstatement large earringsto large earringsany large earringsoutfit. large earringsDress large earringsup large earringsor large earringsdress large earringsdown! large earringsCool large earringsand large earringsfunky!They large earringsmeasure large earrings1\u201d large earringsin large earringsdiameter large earringsand large earrings4 large earrings1/8" large earringsin large earringslength.

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