Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage bow and arrow pin broochrhinestone brooch, clear rhinestones



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Cute figural jewelrylittle figural jewelryvintage figural jewelrybow figural jewelryand figural jewelryarrow figural jewelrypin figural jewelrywith figural jewelryclear figural jewelryrhinestones figural jewelryon figural jewelrysilver-tone figural jewelrymetal. figural jewelryExcellent figural jewelrycondition, figural jewelrystones figural jewelryand figural jewelrymetal figural jewelryare figural jewelryclear figural jewelryand figural jewelrybright.Measures figural jewelry2" figural jewelrylong.Ships figural jewelryin figural jewelrya figural jewelrygift figural jewelrybox.I figural jewelrycombine figural jewelryshipping figural jewelryon figural jewelrymultiple figural

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