Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Christmas reindeer in wreath pin broochenameled pin, deer with blue rhinestone eyesenameled pin, hollyenameled pin, signed Gerry's



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Vintage enameled pinreindeer enameled pinin enameled pina enameled pinholly enameled pinwreath enameled pinpin enameled pinbrooch. enameled pinSigned enameled pinGerry's enameled pinon enameled pinthe enameled pinback. enameled pinThe enameled pindeer enameled pinhas enameled pinblue enameled pinrhinestone enameled pineyes. enameled pinExcellent enameled pincondition, enameled pinno enameled pinissues. enameled pinMeasures enameled pin1.5".Ships enameled pinin enameled pina enameled pingift enameled pinbox.I enameled pincombine enameled pinshipping enameled pinon enameled pinmultiple enameled

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