Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist vintage 1980s silver collar necklace on short80s new wave, thick chain



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A minimalist necklaceshiny minimalist necklacesilver minimalist necklacetone, minimalist necklaceamorphous minimalist necklaceshape minimalist necklacehangs minimalist necklacefrom minimalist necklacea minimalist necklacethick, minimalist necklaceshort minimalist necklacechain. minimalist necklaceExcellent minimalist necklacecondition, minimalist necklaceno minimalist necklaceflaws. minimalist necklaceHard minimalist necklaceto minimalist necklacedescribe minimalist necklacebut minimalist necklacevery minimalist necklacecool. minimalist necklaceThe minimalist necklacefocal minimalist necklacepiece minimalist necklaceportion minimalist necklaceis minimalist necklace3.75" minimalist necklacewide minimalist necklaceand minimalist necklaceup minimalist necklaceto minimalist necklace1" minimalist necklacethick. minimalist necklaceThe minimalist necklacenecklace minimalist necklacemeasures minimalist necklaceabout minimalist necklace18" minimalist necklacelong.Ships minimalist necklacein minimalist necklacea minimalist necklacegift minimalist necklacebox.I minimalist necklacecombine minimalist necklaceshipping minimalist necklaceon minimalist necklacemultiple minimalist

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