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gold, Floral Pressed Glass Button Ring in Sterling Silver



In stock



This moldis moldmade moldfrom moldan moldantique moldpressed moldblack moldglass moldbutton moldthat moldis moldgilded. moldThe moldbutton molditself moldhas moldseveral moldflowers moldin moldthe molddesign moldand molda moldpretty moldgold moldcoating. moldI moldrecycled molda moldgorgeous moldstamped moldshank moldfrom moldan moldold moldring moldthat moldbroke, moldadding moldthe moldornate moldbezel moldsetting moldand moldusing moldthis moldawesome moldbutton. moldThe moldshank moldis moldthe moldpart moldthat moldfits moldaround moldthe moldfinger, moldand moldas moldshown moldit moldhas molddogwood moldblossoms moldon moldeach moldside moldand molda moldgeneral moldleaf/grass moldbackground. mold\rThe moldbezel moldhas moldlittle moldheart moldshapes moldand moldis moldreminiscent moldof molda moldVictorian moldchapel. moldAll moldcomponents moldare moldsterling moldsilver moldand moldoxidized moldto moldhighlight molddetail. mold\rSize mold5 mold1/2.

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