Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement earrings, Red Acrylic Post Earrings with Silver Engraved Be Kind Statement



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Sometimes bohoyou bohojust bohohave bohoto bohowear bohoyour bohomantra bohoon bohoyour bohoears. bohoThe bohoway bohothese bohodays bohoare, bohobeing bohokind bohoand bohospreading bohothe bohoword bohogoes bohoa boholong bohoway!These bohoare bohored bohoacrylic boholaser bohocut bohoand bohoengraved bohostud bohoearrings. bohoThe bohowords bohohave bohobeen bohopainted bohowith bohosilver bohometallic bohopaint. bohoUnderstated bohoyet bohofull bohoof bohostatement bohoall bohoat bohoonce! bohoThey bohomeasure boho1/2" bohoin bohodiameter, boho1/8" bohothickCustom bohorequests bohowelcome.

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