Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

classic, White Acrylic Hexagonal Dangling Earrings with Gold Accents



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60's white acrylicmod white acrylicfuses white acrylicwith white acrylicclassic white acrylicpreppy white acrylicto white acrylicgive white acrylicthese white acrylicwhite white acrylichexagonal white acrylicearrings white acrylica white acrylicstand-out white acryliclook. white acrylicCasual white acrylicand white acrylicdressy white acrylicat white acrylicthe white acrylicsame white acrylictime, white acrylicyou white acrylicwill white acrylicturn white acrylicheads!These white acrylicare white acrylicwhite white acrylicacrylic white acryliclaser white acryliccut white acrylichanging white acrylicearrings white acrylicwith white acrylica white acrylicpost white acrylicfastener. white acrylicThey white acrylicmeasure white acrylic3.25" white acrylicin white acryliclength white acrylicby white acrylic2" white acrylicin white acrylicwidth.Custom white acrylicrequests white acrylicwelcome.

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