Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tree jewelry, Forged bronze oak leaf pendant



In stock



This tree jewelryis tree jewelrya tree jewelryhandforged tree jewelrybronze tree jewelryoak tree jewelryleaf tree jewelrypendant tree jewelrythat tree jewelryhangs tree jewelryfrom tree jewelrya tree jewelrybronze tree jewelrychain. tree jewelry tree jewelryI tree jewelryhand tree jewelrysaw tree jewelryand tree jewelryforge tree jewelryevery tree jewelryleaf tree jewelryindividually.You tree jewelrywill tree jewelrybe tree jewelryable tree jewelryto tree jewelrychoose tree jewelryyour tree jewelryown tree jewelrychain tree jewelrylength tree jewelryin tree jewelrythe tree jewelryoptions. tree jewelry tree jewelrySilver tree jewelrychains tree jewelryare tree jewelryavailable tree jewelryfor tree jewelryapproximately tree jewelry$35 tree jewelryUSD tree jewelrydepending tree jewelryon tree jewelrylength. tree jewelry tree jewelryPlease tree jewelrymessage tree jewelryme tree jewelryto tree jewelryarrange tree jewelryfor tree jewelrya tree jewelrysilver tree jewelrychain tree jewelryoption.

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