Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s vintage Sarah Coventry Chain-O-Litessarah coventry, silver chain strand necklace with rhi70nestonessarah coventry, 1969



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Signed signed jewelryvintage signed jewelrySarah signed jewelryCoventry signed jewelrynecklace signed jewelrycalled signed jewelry"Chain-O-Lites" signed jewelryfrom signed jewelry1969. signed jewelryThe signed jewelrynecklace signed jewelryis signed jewelrya signed jewelrydouble signed jewelrystrand signed jewelryof signed jewelrysilvertone signed jewelrychain signed jewelryinterspersed signed jewelrywith signed jewelrysparking signed jewelryrhinestone signed jewelryballs signed jewelrymeasuring signed jewelry24" signed jewelrylong. signed jewelryPerfect signed jewelryfor signed jewelrylayering. signed jewelryAll signed jewelrystones signed jewelryare signed jewelrypresent. signed jewelrySome signed jewelryhave signed jewelrydulled signed jewelrya signed jewelrybit signed jewelrybut signed jewelryI signed jewelrydid signed jewelrynot signed jewelrytry signed jewelryto signed jewelryclean signed jewelrythe signed jewelrynecklace.Ships signed jewelryin signed jewelrya signed jewelrygift signed jewelrybox.I signed jewelrycombine signed jewelryshipping signed jewelryon signed jewelrymultiple signed

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