Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

precious metal clay, Fine Silver Heart Ear Studs



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A boho stylepair boho styleof boho styleear boho stylestuds boho stylefeaturing boho stylehandmade boho stylehearts boho stylecreated boho stylefrom boho stylesilver boho styleclay boho stylewhich boho stylecontains boho stylerecycled boho stylesilver. boho styleI boho stylestarted boho styleby boho stylecreating boho stylea boho stylesmall boho styleheart boho stylein boho stylepolymer boho styleclay. boho styleI boho stylethen boho styletook boho stylea boho stylemould boho stylefrom boho stylethis boho styleheart boho styleand boho styleused boho styleit boho styleto boho stylecreate boho stylehearts boho stylefrom boho styleprecious boho stylemetal boho styleclay. boho styleI boho stylefinished boho stylethe boho stylehearts boho styleby boho stylehand boho styleso boho styleeach boho styleone boho stylewill boho stylebe boho styleslightly boho styledifferent. boho styleThe boho styleclay boho styleis boho stylefired boho styleto boho styleburn boho styleaway boho stylethe boho style boho stylebinder boho styleleaving boho stylevirtually boho stylepure boho stylesilver. boho styleFinally boho styleI boho stylesoldered boho styleon boho stylesterling boho stylesilver boho styleposts boho styleand boho stylethen boho stylecreated boho stylea boho styleslightly boho stylebrushed boho stylefinish boho styleon boho stylethe boho stylehearts. boho styleSmall boho stylesterling boho stylebutterfly boho stylebacks boho styleincluded. boho styleThe boho styleearrings boho stylewill boho stylebe boho stylesupplied boho stylein boho stylesmall boho stylewhite boho stylebox boho stylewith boho stylemy boho stylelabel boho styleor boho stylealternatively boho stylein boho styleChristmas boho stylepackaging. boho styleLet boho styleme boho styleknow boho stylewhat boho styleyou boho styleprefer.

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