Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Coro collar necklacemid century jewelry, gold open work trianglesmid century jewelry, linked panels with adjustable chain clasp



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Vintage vintage coroCoro vintage coronecklace vintage corosigned vintage coroon vintage corothe vintage coroclasp. vintage coroFeatures vintage coroopen vintage corowork vintage corotriangles vintage coropanels vintage corowith vintage coroan vintage coroadjustable vintage corohook vintage coroclasp. vintage coroLight vintage corowear vintage coroto vintage corothe vintage coroyellow-gold vintage corotone vintage corometal, vintage coronot vintage corotoo vintage coronoticeable vintage coroto vintage corothe vintage coronaked vintage coroeye. vintage coroMeasures vintage coro3/4" vintage corowide vintage coroand vintage corocan vintage corobe vintage coroworn vintage coroat vintage coroabout vintage coro13.5" vintage coroto vintage coro16.5".Ships vintage coroin vintage coroa vintage corogift vintage

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