Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1980s vintage collar necklaceabstract necklace, gold tone flex chain modernistabstract necklace, darkest slate gray with shimmer enamel - almost black



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1980s modernist collarmodernist modernist collarnecklace modernist collarwith modernist collargold modernist collartone modernist collarflex modernist collarchain. modernist collarExcellent modernist collarcondition, modernist collarno modernist collarflaws. modernist collarThe modernist collarfocal modernist collarpiece modernist collarhas modernist collaran modernist collarabstract modernist collarscroll/wave modernist collardesign. modernist collarEnamel modernist collarcolor modernist collaris modernist collara modernist collardark modernist collargray-almost modernist collarblack-with modernist collarmaybe modernist collara modernist collarfaint modernist collarhint modernist collarof modernist collarblue modernist collarand modernist collara modernist collarsubtle modernist collarshimmer. modernist collarThe modernist collarfocal modernist collararea modernist collaris modernist collar3.5" modernist collaracross, modernist collarthe modernist collarnecklace modernist collaris modernist collar17.5".Ships modernist collarin modernist collara modernist collargift modernist collarbox.I modernist collarcombine modernist collarshipping modernist collaron modernist collarmultiple modernist

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